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“Data Literacy Switzerland” launches a  solidarity campaign with an idea contest

It is becoming increasingly clear that we - whether we like it or not - must learn to live with the virus by making reasonable use of the available options and to adapt our behaviour in each case to the (sometimes) rapidly changing developments and findings. In the current ocean of data, it is difficult to find one's bearings. Diverging opinions and convictions lead to stronger polarisation and conflicts. It is difficult to bring our behaviour and the current available information into line. Political decisions are moulded by hesitation and compromises. Nonetheless, a new phase of the coronavirus pandemic response is now beginning: We should make our contribution to the pandemic response together. We should do so in solidarity and on our individual responsibility, as well as with the currently available knowledge gained so far through data and experience. Instead of losing our energy in confrontations, we must take courage and take countermeasures. Let us set an example through our behaviour.


We can combine the existing measures in a sensible way in our everyday lives and thus take a step together against the accusation of blame and against the flare-up of epidemics - e.g. without discriminating against people who cannot or do not want to be vaccinated for specific reasons. Furthermore, we can increasingly discuss what we know or cannot know (yet) with the available data and how we could deal with it as sensibly and ethically as possible as a society. To stimulate this discussion, with the support of  the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences “Data Literacy - Switzerland” is launching a BADGE on the one hand and an ideas competition on the other.


Solidarity-button: “I protect you with my mask”' – The pandemic response has to be multimodal.

As a sign of cultural change in our societal data literacy and data discussion culture, and as a sign of our commitment against escalating polarisation and discrimination, wearing the button means the following:

  • Even if I am vaccinated, I want to contribute to the protection of people who are not (yet) vaccinated for various reasons by taking additional measures.

  • If I am not (yet) vaccinated, I pay particular attention to the adherence of behavioural and protective measures in solidarity.

The solidarity button can be ordered HERE.


Want to get even more involved? Join our IDEA CONTEST and hand in an original submission on the topic:

“Defusing polarisation associated with the coronavirus pandemic”

In addition to the title, you can use the two questions below as a further inspiration.

  • How can we promote mutually respectful interactions in the coronavirus pandemic and protect each other in a reasonable way without discrimination?

  • How can we counter the increasing polarisation around the coronavirus pandemic with humour?


All formats are possible (sayings, drawings, logos, musical works, videos, etc.). Any interested individual, child, young adult, company, or institution can participate.


Deadline: extended until 15.12.2021

Digital submission to:

Postal submission to: Data Literacy c/o Walliser Ärztegesellschaft, Av. de France 8, 1950 Sion

Congratulations to the winners! (See the contributions here)


There are attractive prizes for the best submissions. The best submissions will be published on the homepage of “” after consultation with the authors. No correspondence will be entered into about the competition.

The legal process is excluded. Swiss law is exclusively applicable.

On the recommendation of the FOPS (Federal Office of Public Health) we refer to . Our campaign is in line with the official recommendations.

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